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From january 2017 onwards all travel blog are shifted to


After my hostel life & traveling in professional life, i find out there are lots of ways for enjoyment in a small-small things…..that’s reason i travel with my own way, enjoy each & every moment of traveling. And of course, I love my incredible india.

Afterall, why do we travel ?? I am sure everyone has their own reasons. But have you ever think what does it mean to you ?Does travelling  simply means sticking to the listed items on your itinerary ? Does it simply to have a gala time with your family and friends ??Does it mean to traverse the maximum destinations possible from the smallest inch of this location to that part of the world or has it solely become a medium of  boasting around on the social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. ? I consider that every individual knows the answer for self. For me, every single travel opens the door to a new understanding, unusual experiences and a brand new wisdom which makes me meet the better, redefined and rejuvenated version of my own self….!!!!





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